Know You’re Purposed for a Purpose

the purpose of life concept

I believe our whole existence is about the evolution of Spirit. I know for sure that we can try to dumb down our spirits, because I was guilty of this behavior, before my “new normal”. I was walking around in my 6 inch heels, deeming my spirit as a personality. I was allowing people to […]

The Beast of Not Enoughness

The Beast of Not Enoughness

Thin as a rail I was called every “flat butt” name you can imagine: pancake butt, ironing board butt, white girl butt, Mexican butt, just to name a few. That made me feel that something was wrong with me. It was my first felling of “not-enoughness”. I will never forget this day. I remember one […]

The Introduction Into The “Religious Cult”

The introduction into the religious cult

The age seems to escape me but I think I was around 8 years old. I remember sitting around the table having dinner with my siblings .  My mother was telling us to hurry and finish, because we were having company. We were all excited, asking, who, who?  My mom replied, “Some people from  the […]

Stand Tall in Spirit (God) No Matter What!

Tree and beach

A tree that looses its branches, in a storm, never stands in the middle of the forest, or at the edge of the sea screaming, “Why God ?” “Why God ?”, it just simply stands, and says… “Although my landscape has changed, I am still available to produce oxygen, and to be used for the […]